All orders ship via
U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.

They go out next business day after order, in some cases same day if posted before 9 AM mountain time.

To order by phone, call:
1-206-577-0037 ext. #1
9am to 4pm Mountain Time

If you require case
quantities, please call.

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Each container:
10.8 oz/306 grams
30 full servings, or 90 1/3 size servings (mix with 1-2 oz water for a green shot with every meal.) Incredibly delicious mixed in ice cold milk.

Yes this green drink tastes pretty darn good. But if you have not had it yet and have any doubts, only buy 1 to try. Once sold and out the door, we don’t take them back as we do not know what any bottle may have been subjected to when it has been in your hands like heat, microwave, etc. Just as we would not sell you anything we took back, we would not sell it to anyone else either.

This is usually never a problem but for some reason if your taste buds are different, someone close to you will probably love it. It won’t go to waste.

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